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Maximize Your Business's Potential with Our Trusted Outsourcing Solutions

Welcome to our BPO, the only German-run outsourcing solutions provider in the Philippines. Our team is led by a native German with extensive experience in the industry, ensuring that we bring a unique perspective and expertise in German business culture to every project.

What makes us unique

Our BPO in the Philippines is the only one that is German-run, giving us a unique advantage in understanding German business practices, culture, and language. Our experienced team delivers exceptional results through a personalized approach to each project. Contact us today to experience the difference of working with us.

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Experienced German Leadership

Our BPO is led by a native German with a master's degree and years of experience in outsourcing services. Our leader sets the standard for our team, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to experience the difference of working with an experienced and qualified BPO leader.

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At our BPO, we offer a cost-effective alternative to having staff in Singapore and Hong Kong. Compared to hiring staff in these cities, outsourcing to our BPO can save you up to 70% on labor costs. By outsourcing your business processes to our team in the Philippines, you can save significantly on overhead costs, such as office space, equipment, and employee benefits

Same Timezone

The Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong share a similar time zone, which can make communication and collaboration between our BPO and its clients easier. This means that our team is available during regular business hours in Singapore and Hong Kong, making it easier for you to stay connected with your outsourced team.

Our Approach

Your team, your way - streamlined with Servicebüro


Within just about 5 weeks, you can have your own dedicated team up and running, delivering results for your business. increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall performance for your business

Hiring Models in the Philippines

There are two types of employment in the Philippines that Serviceburo works with in order to provide talent.

The Fixed-Term Employment allows customers to acquire staff for project-based work, such as a software development project or an after-event hotline that needs to be operational for a specified amount of time. After the project is completed, the labor force agreement can be terminated quickly and easily without long-term commitments or complex legal restrictions.

The second type of employment is regular employment, which is suitable for long-term recurring work, such as a permanent customer help desk for your business or an IT support center. This type of employment can continue for as long as our customers require it. If the need arises to end the project, the Philippine labor code specifies a 30-day notice period. These two hiring methods and the easy termination of either allow us to scale staff up or down efficiently as needed.

1. Fixed-Term Employment: Fixed-term contracts are used for specific projects, seasonal work, or when there is a valid reason for a predetermined period of employment. The duration of fixed-term contracts can vary, but it generally should not exceed five years, as stipulated by the Philippine labor laws.

2. Regular Employment: Regular employment contracts in the Philippines are typically not time-bound. They are considered indefinite, meaning there is no specific end date mentioned in the contract. The employment relationship continues until either party (employer or employee) terminates it following the provisions of the Labor Code of the Philippines.

Our Services

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